eConsult Video

What is eConsult? eConsult is an online consultation service that allows patients to contact the practice to ask for medical help or advice, or for administrative requests, for free, 24/7. In the midst of self-isolation due to Coronavirus, eConsult allows patients to contact their GPs from home. For the majority of requests, the practice can help care for patients without the patient leaving their home. Please note: All identifiable patient medical data will pass straight to the surgery. eConsult will not have access to any of this information. 

How does it work? If you want to request anything from the practice, click on the eConsult banner on the the website and select the right option for you. Fill out the online form, which asks similar questions to what a GP would ask during an appointment. Every eConsult is then reviewed by the surgery and they will be able to decide on the right care for you. The practice will respond to every eConsult by the end of the next working day, if not sooner. If you need an appointment they will make sure you get one.

Why do we use eConsult? eConsult takes a detailed set of information about your symptoms or request, so we can look after patients based on their need, not who can get into the practice first, or ring the practice first. For many patients, this will mean they won’t have to come into the practice helping to keep you, our patients, and our staff safe and healthy. There will always be patients that cannot use eConsult. However, if those that can use eConsult do, it means the practice can look after those that can’t too.

What our patients have said about eConsult:
                                                                     "Good and rapid response from the practice"
                                "Very easy to use and meant I didn't have to attend at the Surgery for a minor matter"
                                                                             "Very satisfied & would recommend"