GP Registrars

GP registrars are fully qualified and registered doctors. They will have finished medical school and completed 2 years of preregistration in hospital.
They are fully registered doctors on the GMC list.

Our GP Registrars are on a 3-year course specialising in General Practice, and will be attached to one of the doctors here who is their trainer.
If you are seeing a GP Registrar you can expect to receive the quality of service you would from your own GP.


We asked two of our current GP registrars what they would like to say to any future GP registrars who may come to do their training with us.
This is what they said:

Ludlow is a very lovely rural community. It is always a pleasure driving into work as I tend to admire the scenery and find it relaxing. The practice staff are all lovely to work with, supportive and approachable.

For a trainee, I have come across quite complex and challenging cases but the GPs have always made time to discuss and review when needed. I have also encountered various patient population groups mainly elderly and there are numerous learning opportunities to explore through my daily interactions with them. I believe I will be in the position to fulfil all my training requirements due to the population diversity and the support offered by the Practice.

Dr Agyei, March 2021


I am enjoying my clinical posting at Station Drive Surgery. The staff are friendly and eager to help. All patients I have encountered have been a pleasure to interact with. I also get adequate clinical supervision with ample opportunities to learn by discussing clinical cases as well as exposure to the administrative aspects of General practice and community orientation.

There is sufficient medical complexity and diversity of clinical cases for learning logs. In addition, there is dedicated clinical time with the clinical supervisor Dr Morton on Fridays for case based discussions and consultant observed consultations and we also have protected learning times with the trainees where challenging clinical cases are discussed or high yield clinical topics explained.

Home visits for trainees occur 2-3 weekly and on most occasions the houses are readily accessible.

The practice has facilities for psychologists, tissue viability, ABPI measurements, wound dressing, diabetic, hypertensive and COPD clinics, immunization, contraceptive care, monitoring of other chronic diseases, joint injections to mention a few. Any member of staff can be approached for the opportunity to join or observe in these clinics if required.

Also covered in the clinical work are ward rounds in the nursing homes and community hospital but usually by the partners or GP associate.

Dr Joy, March 2021