Services We Provide

Station Drive Surgery provide General Medical Services under our contract with the NHS.  We also provide additional services such as Help2Quit and Help2Slim to further improve patient screening for cervical cancer in line with current NHS guidance.

Childhood Immunisations and Antenatal Checks

We provide all childhood immunisation and are keen to ensure children are immunised. Childhood immunisation clinics are held at the surgery. Parents are asked to bring the Child Health Record (the red book) with them for each appointment. We support the local midwives and obstetricians in antenatal care.

Contraception and Family Planning

The Practice offers a complete contraception service including fitting implants and coils. In addition we run a monthly Family Planning Clinic, where Dr Helen Meredith is available to discuss cases and to provide iucd and implant services.

Sexual Health

Although there isn't currently a sexual health service in Ludlow, there are options available to local patients. Please head to the Shropshire Council website at where there are options for ordering test kits online and information re other services available in Shropshire.


The practice works in partnership with the local midwives and health visitors to offer a comrehensive antenatal and postnatal service. Preconceptual advice and guidance is available from your GP or nurse.
If you are pregnant, you can speak to the GP or refer yourself directly to the midwifery team and you will be able to discuss your choices of hospital and community care. 

All newly pregnant women now need to make a self-referral to SATH Maternity Services via Badgernet even if you have consulted a GP regarding your pregnancy. You can do this by going to and then selecting  Badgernet Maternity Notes from the menu on the left of the page.


Travel Medicines and Jabs

We offer travel innoculations and advice on medical precautions to take when travelling. The NHS does not pay for travel vaccinations so there will be a charge for these.

Electrocardiograms & Echocardiography

Your GP may request that you get a heart trace (ECG) which our nurses and health care asssistants can complete. If your GP thinks you need an ultrasound scan of your heart then that can now be carried out at Station Drive Surgery by trained sonographers from the hospital who are providing a community service from our practice.

Chronic Disease Clinics

We have nurses who specialise and run chronic disease clinics such as Asthma, COPD, Hypertension, CHD, Stroke and Diabetes. This is so that anyone living with a chronic condition can easily access support and advice through appointments, regular monitoring and annual reviews.

Macmillan Community Care Coordinator

Shaz is currently working with us at the surgery as a Macmillan Community Care Coordinator. This is a non clinical role working alongside our GPs here at the practice and will further enhance the Cancer Care reviews that we are currently offering to our patients. Covering topics as diverse as finance, benefits, travel, equipment, housing, information services, through to family concerns or caring responsibilities, Shaz is able to liase with other Cancer Support services both locally and nationally. All queries are welcome and if she doesn't know the answer she will endeavour to find it out!

Joint Injections

Joint injections should be booked in with Dr Mitchell.

Ear Irrigation and Blood Tests

Our Nurses and HCAs run regular ear irrigation clinics. They also provide a phlebotomy service for tests arranged by your doctor or hospital consultant, as well as routine tests for monitoring disease such as annual blood tests for patients on specific medications or with diabetes.


Our Nurses and HCAs are available for dressings and advice on wound care.

Mental Health Practitioners

We provide access to a number of NHS counselling services and mental health services and also have in-house practitioners who can help patients directly. Please contact our reception team for further information.

Social Prescibers - for adults and children

Social Prescribing is a non-medical programme designed to help people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs. This may include those who may be wanting to change their lifestyle (e.g. giving up smoking or losing weight), who have social and/or mental health problems, and/or those who live with a longterm health condition. Our Social Prescribing Advisors can support you to improve your health and wellbeing by listening to your main concerns and helping you to connect with further support, groups and activities that can help support you with your goals, helping you to develop an achievable plan that works for you. We have a general social presciber and also a children's social prescriber, so please contact us if you think this could help you or a family member.

Flu jabs, Pneumonia and Shingles Vaccinations

All over 65 year olds and those at risk are advised to have annual flu jabs. The practice runs clinics in the autumn. In addition we ensure all eligible patients are offered Pneumonia and Shingles vaccinations.

Cervical Screening & Other Screenings

All women aged 25-65 are offered routine screening for cervical cancer in line with current NHS guidance. For other NHS Screening Services, you should be called when they are due. General information is provided here:  and there is more information about screening, plus information for transgender, non-binary and intersex people, here:

Weight Management and Smoking Cessation

We can help you manage your weight or to stop smoking. We have programmes designed to support weight control and for smoking cessation. These clinics are often in the evenings to allow busy working people to be supported in changing and developing better health habits.

NHS Health Checks

NHS Health Checks are available for well patients aged 40 to 74 years old. We try and provide some of these clinics in the evening surgeries for those patients who find it difficult to attend during the day.

Services For Carers

Our care coordinator Esther will help you access advice and support on all issues relating to care. Whether you are a carer, or you are receiving care, or you or a family member is not yet receiving care but needs information on what is available, Esther will be able to help.


We are a Research Practice. For example, during 2019/2020 we became involved with the PULSE AI Research Project. This is a project to see if it would be possible to predict an increased risk for atrial fibrillation in patients before they had symptoms. It has been a very interesting project with some very positive outcomes. Participation in any research is on an invitation basis only. No personal data is shared with the research group unless the patient has consented to participate. Any searches to identify eligible patients are run by staff at the practice, and invitations to participate are sent out by us. Invited patients can respond and agree to take part, and this is the first point when the identity of the patients becomes known to the researcher.

Private Medical Services

For information regarding forms and checkups for HGV Medicals, Insurance Purposes, Private Healthcare Claims, Employer and Solicitor Letters and Passports etc, please click the link:

External Clinics

Other clinics that run at Station Drive Surgery* include:

  • Hidden Hearing
  • AAA Screening
  • Memory Clinic
  • Echocardiogram Clinic
  • Greenoaks Counselling
  • IAPT Counselling

*Please note that some of these were suspended due to covid, although several have now restarted.