Your Feedback

We view all feedback as an opportunity to retain what’s good and strive to improve aspects that are not so good. We appreciate all feedback.


Please remember that when you tot up all the face-to-face consultations, telephone consultations, reviewing of test results and letters from other clinical providers, our doctors complete dozens of clinical episodes a day.

your feedback

So apologies in advance if any of our clinical staff come across busy or at all hurried, they are only human and all care deeply about working together to provide great care. We strive to provide excellent and equitable access for all our patients. We also value the importance of efficient timekeeping, as it is your time too if we run late.If you have any positive or negative feedback, please feel free to discuss it with a member of our admin team or the clinician concerned. We are always happy to answer questions and try to move things forward especially if there has been any misunderstanding, unfortunate occurrence or any good things that should be noted.


Formal Feedback

Alternatively for more formal feedback or complaints please write to our ‘patient services manager’ or fill out our online form We take all complaints very seriously as we want to learn from any occasion where you feel the standard of service we provide has fallen short of your expectations. We always strive to reflect and improve. For further information please see our complaints policy which basically says we will respond promptly and fairly.


Other Methods

Another way to provide feedback is to fill out our ‘friends and family’ test which can be filled out online. There are also cards pertaining to this available to fill out in our reception area too. For example in June we had 7 respondents – all said they were likely or very likely to recommend our service to friends and family. Comments were: ‘late hours are good’; ‘easy to get an appointment’; ‘friendly receptionists and good doctors and nurses’.

Feedback is also possible via our NHS choices page (although for confidentiality purposes it is sometimes difficult to respond directly to these as they remain posted for public viewing).

Finally, please be aware that the given email address is not best used for requesting clinical advice, medication or booking appointments as it is only usually checked once every working day.