Mission Statement


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Mission Statement: "Working together to provide great care"

The doctors, nurses and staff are committed to the provision of High Quality Patient Care and best practice, through the delivery of services which are timely, considerate and responsive to the needs of  our patient population, and supported by a clear focus on customer service and the need of the individual patient.

Put simply, working together to provide great care.



  1. To treat each other and our patients with respect and dignity at all times.
  2. To lead by example in our attitude, our involvement and our partnership working.
  3. Developing sustainable local services for patients through growing our leadership, encouraging our youth and investing in our team and building.
  4. Provide the highest quality care for our patients, utilise the resources available to us and work alongside other local services.
  5. Developing a vested interest in our community through partnership working.
  6. Embracing change to enable improved patient choice, access and services that are responsive and easy to navigate for all age groups and abilities.

Making our surgery a happy place, where our staff feel proud to work and where patients feel valued, welcomed and nurtured.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Listen to and understand the needs of our patients, and wherever possible reflect those needs in our services;
  • Provide an environment which is clean, safe, and conducive to high quality patient care;
  • Provide urgent appointments that enable patients, as a minimum, to talk to a clinician on the day;
  • Offer patients with on-going health issues a clinical programme, jointly owned by both of us, to ensure that their reviews and medication are managed effectively;
  • Ensure that staff partake in Continuous Professional Development, ensuring we practice in accordance with national guidelines, recognise best practice and working with the wider healthcare environment to deliver innovative solutions;
  • Provide excellent customer service, by ensuring we respond to our patients in an open, caring and timely fashion;
  • Utilise available technology to enable all our clinical staff to respond effectively to all healthcare needs;
  • Ensure ‘repeat’ prescriptions are ready for collection within 48 hours or advise patients of any delay;
  • Provide non-NHS services in a timely fashion against an agreed tariff;
  • Regularly communicate with patients on Surgery activities;
  • Respond quickly and proactively to any concerns patients have about the service received from us.

Our Ethos:

  • To treat our colleagues, our patients and ourselves with kindness;
  • To ensure that every patient asking for help is seen or contacted that day;
  • To operate an open door policy throughout the day, turning no one away and ensuring access to the correct health professional as often as possible;
  • To support our colleagues by building solid relationships with community and secondary care providers and working collaboratively at all times;
  • To understand the living circumstances of our patients and to work with local business to improve opportunities for our patients to make better health choices;
  • To invest in mental health provision as a surgery, outside of our PCN/GMS funding, to enable a healthier local population;
  • To be available 5 days a week, from 8am to 8pm;
  • To ensure consistency of care and priding ourselves on our long service records.

Never losing sight of doing the ordinary things - but doing them exceptionally well.