Ludlow BEAM

Ludlow Beam provide support for the under-25s. They have provided the following resources to help anyone supporting children at the current time with lockdown, homeschooling, returning to school, and with social anxiety.

Please click on the links to access the resources:

BEAM - Guide to social anxiety 

BEAM - Sleepyheads Sleep Advice (a guide for parents and carers)

BEAM - Reassurance-seeking behaviour (a guide for parents and carers)

BEAM - Lockdown, Homeschooling, Transitions Back To School 

BEAM - Talking to your child about Coronavirus

Previous BEAM information sheets:

BEAM - Coping with anxiety

BEAM - supporting children and young people with anxiety

BEAM - Apps and websites to support emotional health and wellbeing   

BEAM - National organisations & Online Resources for parents/carers   


Published: Jun 23, 2020