Amazing Fundraising!

On 23rd April, we were made aware of an amazing young girl who has chosen to do some fundraising for the NHS and Station Drive Surgery Patients Fund. Poppy located herself on the Caynham Road at The Sheet with a billboard, asking for 20p donations. She was accepting the donations from passing cars whilst socially distancing by ingeniously extending a kitchen sieve taped to a garden cane! In 3 hours on her first day, she collected £135, and she has raised £80 on her second day (23rd April). She started with a target of £200, but as it was going so well she set herself an incredible​ target of £1000! 

Today - 5th May - we said thank you to Poppy. She has done some incredible fundraising for the Station Drive Surgery Patients Fund, raising over £1400! Please have a look at her in action here:

Donations to the Patients Fund are used in ways that improve patient care above and beyond what is routinely offered by a GP surgery; something that is more important than ever in current circumstances.

Thank you so much Poppy for the difference you will make!

Picture of Poppy and one of the GPs

Published: May 5, 2020